Sunday, 31 May 2009

My Comic part 3

Another 5 Pages no louisa in these 5 Pages but alot going on..

Picture Post 310

15 Deadly Dames kicking off my Hitwoman picturepost theme this week


Had a request for more Hitwomen so this weeks picture posts willfeature that theme(I'll return to the trousers/pants theme after that ) here's a few clips from some films I found on youtube

Mod Fuck Explosion

Here's a underground indie flick I gotta see , its the story of a gurl who dreams of owning a leather jacket but she may have to lose her virginity to some scuzzy badly dubbed japanese bikers .. she should nick one and run off lol ..strange film by the looks of it music sounds like Albert Ayler at the beginning of clip very arthouse..but cool
Watch Mod F*ck Explosion in Entertainment View More Free Videos Online at

My Comic -Part 2

More Pages from my Indie Comic .. it may seem a bit unrelated to blogs theme but if you read it you will see why its up here..more tomorrow if I find the time

Alternative Britain's Got Talent-Imelda May

Yeah I know she's Irish but she's based in England . My reaction to Britains got talent and all tha sheenanigans about Susan Boiler or whatever her name is a new poll it'll only be up for a few days so get voting ..

Saturday, 30 May 2009

Alternative Britains Got Talent-Kitty and the Lost Boys

embedding been disabled by request so to view video click on link

Aternative Britains Got Talent-Ikara Colt/Mystery Meat

A friend of mine plays in one of these groups .

Altenative Britain's Got Talent-Ipso Facto

Interesting shoulder pads look and sound , kind of remind me of a female Music Machine.which is a very good thing.

The Other Ettes

There was another Group called The Ettes in the Late 70's a D.I.Y Punk group from Edinburgh , I found these whilst searching fr the newer Ettes pretty cool pics .

Garage Rock Top 4-And The Winners are-The Ettes

Great to see polaroids on this blog..makes a change The Winners L.A's The Ettes although all three members come from The East Coast as discussed in video.

Garage Rock Top 4-Runners Up The Detroit Cobras and The Dead Weather

Cobra images removed..

Two big acts from Detroit (well in Jack Whites case anyway,seeing as The Dead Weather are a kind of supergroup).. I'll have to compile a Detroit top 4 some time as its such a fertile scene.

PicturePost 309-Part 3

Chelsea won 5 more pics from London

Picture Post 309-Part 2

A few models from London to represent Chelsea post will be models from either Merseyside or London depends on who wins the match..

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