Tuesday, 2 June 2009

J.78's Post 20-Slovakia Part 1

J.78'S 20th post ..it won't be long beforeI do his 100th post mark my words second art of this post tomorrow

Hitwomen with Silencers

A few clips from various films featuring Hitwomen using silenced pistols (not sure why they're called silencers they make a very distinctive noise)

Monday, 1 June 2009

My Comic -Part 4

Another Five pages from my comic Strip ..I hope some of you are following it ..

Curve Interview

Have to admit I'm I.ve been smitten with Toni since I first saw her on SnubTV back in 1991 she's like Debbie Harry/Siouxse/Beatrice Dalle rolled into one plus I've always liked her voice
Itwould be cool if there was a reunion.nobody does this type of music better ..not even Garbage. I guess footage comes from a Japanese T.V show whoever put this up has lots of interesting interviews including Stone Roses ,Sonic Youth , The Las

Picture Post 311

A few more hitwomen type pictures , some pics courteousy of http://www.moviebadgirls.com/ also the eagle eyed of you may of spotted a new link amongst my links

Killing Time

A few clips from a low budget film called Killing Time starring Kendra Torgan as Maria the Hitwoman


Jill Hennessy
(plus one pic featuring her sis Jac
quline who she's an identical twin of) inspire to put this up after watching Crossing Jordan on the idiot box

Sunday, 31 May 2009

My Comic part 3

Another 5 Pages no louisa in these 5 Pages but alot going on..
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