Thursday, 21 February 2013

Actress Post-Zoe Tapper

New feature here (although  I've featured countless actresses here in the past but not really on a regular basis) much like my music posts I'll chose actresses that I admire and not purely on looks and attire (although that does play a bit of factor lol) but also on there acting ability so I'll start with Zoe currently starring in Mr Selfridge (I tend to have the XBOX 360 most of the time so don't watch telly much  but  I was staying at my sisters one weekend so  I was glad to see her in a starring role) I first discovered her in a show called Demons from a few years back where she played Mina Harker the vampire (long term visitors may remember I featured a few posts about the show back when it was on, she had some great outfits in that, so naturally  I had to feature them here.. sadly there was only one season but good to see her career going from strength to strength.. here's a few clips starting with a scene from Demons Another clip featuring her character in Surviours Dr Anya Raczyski and Trigger from Only Fools and Horses(except in this he turns out to be quite a nasty character) and finally an interview all about The feature film "Blood"

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