Sunday, 7 April 2013

Leather Beauty Poll 31-The Winner

Denice.. cheers to the few of you who voted.. not quite sure what's going on with polls seems like  not as many are voting as they used to , so I may scrap them altogether  or have a rethink of what  content will go in blog -  It's possibly a technical thing with blogger I noticed this at start of the year and went to polldaddy seemed to get more votes for these polls there.. (sometimes I notice once poll has closed the results change too which is strange)anyhow this may be the penultimate poll here.


Dean Bartosh said...

She definitely deserved to win. Absolutely stunning!

ramonetrooper said...

Yep she won Miss International - I personally liked the duoshoot the most from these selection of pictures- I'll have one more go at a poll later today using polldaddy , I got a feeling that perhaps its the background image interfering with bloggers polls.

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