Sunday, 14 April 2013

Leather Beauty Poll 33 -The Winners

Charlotte photos were removed due to copyright.

Maryana and
Yesenia- a three way tie so a nice pig fat post.. thank you to the voters-not sure if poll is working properly still though as the votes seem to go up one hour and down in number another hour -wouldn't suprise me if votes change after I post this.


Charlottte said...

I do not appreciate photos being stolen off my Facebook page for something I would never dream of entering.
Also, you have not credited, nor asked the permission of any of the photographers who took these photos. By taking them and putting them online without credit or consent, you are breaking copyright laws. I would like myself removed from this. I will also be informing all of the photographers, so if this isn't removed, please expect legal proceedings to be taken against you.

leather leathergloves said...

Ramonetrooper, I have removed Charlotte photos for you.

ramonetrooper said...

thanks- getting a few of these recently I don't mean to piss people off so may as well closedown the blog.

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