Monday, 22 April 2013

Supermodel Post 1-Sui He

Well seeing as I have to scrap polls from now on( I don't really see the point of creating a third blog -I'm sure it's confusing enough with just the two)Instead I think I'll just post what I like(and when  I like) from now on ..I was going to feature a new Supermodel Poll but since the Poll Gadget Widget is about as fair as an election in North Korea I'll skip it instead I'll post what  I was going to post once results came in  and turn it into a regular feature here-So I'll start off with ten pics featuring Sui .


leather leathergloves said...

3M PAGEVIEWS! CONGRATS! Glad you came back to continue with your passion. Hope to see that 4M pageviews soon.

ramonetrooper said...

Cheers Gloves ,I get confused by big numbers lol well spotted :)

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