Wednesday, 26 June 2013


Time to round off my D.C Universe posts with one of my faves Batgirl who of course was played by Yvonne Craig in the sixties TV show (that show has alot to answer for lol)but Barbara Gordon wasn't the only Bat Chick others have donned her Batsuit over the years following the shattering events depicted in the Killing Joke Graphic Novel , -Barbara became Oracle who was played by Dina Meyer in The Birds of Prey TV serial in the 90's (she appears in flashback as Batgirl in one episode  though) in the 1995 Batman and Robin movie she's called Barbara Wilson (Alica Silverstone )for some reason -haven't seen it as the film that proceeded it was so bad I stayed away.
 At one point Hunteress subject of last comic post assumed the role but as it turned out she was too vicious for the job .Other Batgirls  include Cassandra Cain who wore a mask that covered her whole face(didn't really like that outfit so haven't featured it here) and more recently Stephanie Brown (sometimes it gets kind of confusing comic continuity)

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