Friday, 5 July 2013

Leather Beauties 4

More duo-shoots from all around the web.. I'm gonna have one more stab at seeing if I can get the polls working again -so I'll feature a little test poll on side of blog-if that works then I'll reintroduce them if the votes disappear then I guess I'll chug along with the posts I'm doing now.


cjms10 said...

luv the last pic of the moody babe on the Harley!

Do you have anymore of this set?



ramonetrooper said...

I'll post them .. I won't link as I know there's trolls and freaks out there online .. that's why I don't link or source here , I'm sure you're cool but if you want to know where pics are sourced e-mail me just in case arseholes hassle any of the models or photographers.
It is a fantastic shoot so I'll be featuring more.

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