Thursday, 11 July 2013

Screencaps Post- Burkes Law"Who Killed the Jackpot"(1965)-Part 1

I'll have to make this a two part post as there's lots more to come (I don't want to over do it lol) Anne Francis as Honey West in her debut as the Private Eye in an episode of Burkes Law (a show that went on into the 1990's)Honey got a spin off show which lasted one season (Anne won an Golden Globe for her role but  the show was cancelled and replaced ironically by The Avengers despite Honeys elegant attire and muscle car the shows are quite different , much more in the tradition of a American detective series rather than The Avengers over the top eccentricity) .. hope you're enjoying these posts and they're not too self indulgent may notice I do get these Retro-Crushes from time to time.

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