Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Screencaps Post -Honey West "How Brillig O, Beamish Boy"(1966)

Honey wears a fair bit of leather in this episode  as you can tell by the amount of screencaps here.She's  a really great character, she drives an AC Cobra(fastest car on the road at that time) with a proper telephone built in (sounds like a recipe for a  high speed car crash) and she keeps a pet Ocelot called...Bruce lol and always outsmarts the goons she's pitched up against.
I was watching a documentary about the changing roles of women in American television  the other week  Lucille Ball, Mary Tyler Moore up till  Rosanne,Nurse Jackie and Desperate Housewives but they failed to mention this show , they really should of I doubt in the US they'd ever seen anyone like Honey before back in 65.

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