Tuesday, 16 July 2013

The Golden Key/Aka The Diadem (1968)

A Special treat for all you Emma Peel fans out there.. I recently found this on youtube (I think I may of posted a black and white version on my old "Beatniks Broadcastin' Company" blog but  I found a colour  version only recently of a privately made 8mm film that Dame Diana made shortly after she left The Avengers-for a German/Spanish co- production (there's no words  but  stories easy to follow) she starred in two of these two short films Mini Killers been the other... no embedding so I'll link this http://youtu.be/mCUX6BFZGf4
Some nice illustrations above I'll have to trackdown the Steed and Mrs Peel comics I have read the Grant Morrison/Ian Gibson books  but haven't got around to the newer stuff. I can only dream of drawing this , my time is taken up as a carer, I have written first act of a Steed and Mrs Gale story and I hope to continue that soon (I really want to get it right so I'll be re-watching old shows for research) but I'm aiming for authenticity rather than kitsch (it would be easy to fall into trap of making story Austin Powers like) but the Cathy Gale era differs greatly from the colour Emma Peel era-but I'll get typing soon and see what I come with,


Delta said...

Some of my photos are being used on this blog without permission. Is it possible to have them removed? They are on this page under "Victoria":

Thank you.

ramonetrooper said...

All pics have now been removed.. sorry about that.

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