Thursday, 9 January 2014

"A's" Post 5

A Double whammy from A today screencaps from three movies- firstly  from 1977 "Helga She Wolf of  Spilberg"or "Stilberg" played by Malisa Longo(these types of films have numerous titles) not sure whether it's directly connected to the Ilsa She Wolf of the SS movie that was released two years prior but its  a Prison Camp Exploitation movie as well(and like Ilsa probably banned in the UK at the time)Talking of Grindhouse It does make me wonder if  Rob Zombies  "Werewolf Women of the SS" will come out at some point-Machete did and it got a sequel .. perhaps it'll tie in with Return to Castle Wolfenstein movie that's been on the cards for years.
A also sent me some caps from  some Austin Powers films.-
 Frau Farbissinia  Dr Evil's henchwoman  played by Mindy Sterling .
Cheers A. Keep them coming..

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