Tuesday, 21 January 2014

C.A.T.S. Eyes

I said I was going to do post about this 1980's show -but not really many pics of the C.A.T.S Eyes team about on the web and if their is they're minute so I'll start off with my fave Frederica aka Fred Smith (wonder if the writers were aware of Fred "Sonic" Smith but I doubt it)played by Leslie Ash - who of course played Steph in Quadrophenia- and may or may not of danced on Squeezes "Cool for Cats" video- but perhaps it was her sister who was a member of Hot Gossip-sadly couldn't find any pics of Jill Gascoine rocking the leather-she may have on the show but no stills about- her original show The Gentle Touch spawned C.A.T.S Eyes in the first place but I have found a couple of the other agents - Trekkies may recognise the next actress.
Rosalyn Landor who played Pru Standfast(which is a great name for the posh character )- sorry about these awful watermarks but with obscure posts like these it's bound to happen once in a while.Pru left show by the second season but here's a pic of her replacement.
Tessa Robinson-played by Tracy Louise Ward. I'll post another episode of C.A.T.S Eyes on my next playlist on Friday.-It's kind like going back in time these shows -some very strange fashions in the 80's ,big hair shoulder pads and all.

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