Saturday, 8 February 2014

Census Poll

Thought it was time for a new one of these-I'm more than certain about one of the results - but I'd like to see the ratio - I did conduct a poll like this earlier in this blogs life I wonder if anythings changed in that time.- Image is my ham fisted attempt at colouring Cathy Gale from a episode of The Avengers -thought it might be an apt image for this post


Anonymous said...

I like this post, beautiful.
You can not voter on the other blog.
That is so anonymous.
Because I liked the post 1 and 3.
MAGGIE (Mrs. Red Leather)
Bolivian lady in tight black leather pants.
Greetings Jacinto.

ramonetrooper said...

Hi Jacinto- glad you've been enjoying my posts-not sure which other blog you refer to-Leather Beauty 2 is having a break as I'm posting here now-it was a back up blog when I lost my google i.d a few years ago,My friend A posted those pictures you refer to so I'll thank him again here.

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