Saturday, 22 February 2014

Exit Poll 2

Resoundingly Perfecto Day is the clear favourite type of post on this blog -that Red Baron guy has alot to answer for not only did he create a jacket that's lasted well into another century but also he posthumously accidently invented Monty Python.(Richthofen's Flying Circus)-I was watching it last night that's why I mention it.So I'll dedicate this post to the long time deceased German flying ace lol -Certainly my favourite style of Jacket-I guess it's because it's so rock n roll-Iconic and sexy (Zips have a subconscious symbolism I reckon- I remember back in the days when Eastenders was quite well written and Mary the Punk character was discussing this with a exotic dancer- the dancer was very smart and explained what this symbolism was all about and why it had a powerful effect on men ...all very psychological -nowadays Eastenders tends to be about sibling rivalries and mockney gangster geezers lol)by now you'd think someone would of come up with a superior design not sure they can-I guess Perfecto's too good of a name.In Second place in the poll Catsuits aren't something you see everyday unless you're a sixties super secret agent or a dungeon mistress - problem with these posts that it's kind of difficult to find all that many made out of Leather or Faux Leather -that type of photography is an art-form all to itself most models and photographers prefer the other stuff it seems not sure why -as there are so many things lighting and colour wise you can do with leather.. that's why its more appealing to me-so I guess like fine wine it's rare but I'll do my best to find more images for that catagory.Coming in third are trousers not really surprised about that- would like to see more myself not just in blog but the real world. A big shout out to those who voted for video playlists -you're OK in my book..sure it's the least popular but I put a fair bit of effort compiling them, and to me a frank sight more interesting than wall to wall pictures everyday-you need a bit of diversity here otherwise it gets a bit one dimensional and boring and just like any other blog... but I can understand that people tend to bounce about from site to one site to the other and there's only so much time to do things- which brings me to my next poll which I'll put up later. Blog appeals to Europeans the most I guess although not sure the actual poll writing converts when you translate this page and I guess writing"Where Do You Live!" sounds a little like a threat lol.The next poll concerns how often visitors visit and the length of time you've been familiar with this page.I'll put it up once all the votes for this one finally arrive.
Which are your Favourite Types of Posts on this Blog
  27 (24%)
Hot Pants
  36 (33%)
Music Playlists
  7 (6%)
LBTV Playlists
  4 (3%)
Celebrity Pictures
  11 (10%)
Perfecto Day
  70 (64%)
Skirt Alert
  27 (24%)
Tight Pants
  44 (40%)
Leather Beauties-(Duo/group shots)
  35 (32%)
Down on the Street-(Candid street shots)
  30 (27%)
Cool Cats
  47 (43%)
Cool your Boots
  16 (14%)

Votes so far: 109
Poll closed

Where Do You Live?
  57 (70%)
  4 (4%)
North America
  9 (11%)
South America
  1 (1%)
  4 (4%)
  3 (3%)
  2 (2%)
  1 (1%)

Votes so far: 81
Poll closed
Thank you to all who voted.

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