Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Trooping the Colours -Post 4

2.Mandy again see Monday's post for more.

I'll add a permanent link to sidebar  after I complete this post-seeing as there designs are popular with visitors here.

Some new shades of Blue..As promised a few weeks ago.. (btw if your American -that's how color is meant to be spelt lol but right on for sacking Piers Morgan we loathe him just as much over here .)I would like to feature burgundy in the next one of these posts which will be around a week or so.


Anonymous said...

Mandy always beautiful leather.
And the picture 11 ufff.

ramonetrooper said...

Hi Arturo-not sure what ufff means? lol but I'm sure you liked that picture.

Anonymous said...

Zippy thinks hes died and gone to heaven with this selection just look at the Leather beauty babs and the leather clad zipped jackets, and you can zoom in close like the the fantastic biker jacket in 3you can almost touch the leather its so good,4 good also well and 7 is so so glossy and zippy bet it feels nice too, and the beautiful babe in 8 well what can I say 9 is also interesting, 11 those eyes,15 those ZIPS 16 fantastic when zoomed in.

Anonymous said...

Adore the picture 7 clicked on the link found this pic in blue also the perfecto is Perrrrrrrfect

This blog gets better every HOUR
dont stop ever

ramonetrooper said...

Someone suggested I should check out this website for blue post- they do some excellent outfits-Ilike the catsuits they make so I've featured them on blog links I hope it gets them more customers... I have in past stopped blog on a number of occasions -this is down to some copyright reasons which is understandable-but why do these apply to blogger ? when you have pin it and tumblr excatly same thing and no one complains- so from now on I'll make posts as random as possible hopefully no one will mind.

ramonetrooper said...

Hi Zippy-don't die! I need you to comment lol ... but I do aim for a kind of heaven here,#3 is from a store can't remember name of it but if you do a google search and type blue biker jacket you are bound to find more of this jacket and model as well as different variations and different colours-very nice model too.#4's quite a famous face I think she's a supermodel and I'm sure I've featured here on a number of times but name escapes me -I'm better with faces than names.#7 you can find at the link provided..#8 looks very cool in those shades-nice photo-#9 I can see why you like this one Zippy-double Zipper on both sides-as well as a the colour ,Keep Zooming in Zippy-that's when you see the real quality of these pictures although sometimes I might find small ones which are nice compositions but can't blow up much.

ramonetrooper said...

I've worked it out Zippy..The Model in picture 4 is Cara Delevingne

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