Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Perfecto Day -Post 14


I guess you Dude and Dudesses are very fortunate today to have me -I think I 've done 6 posts between the 3 blogs I run -- I'll  slow down tomorrow- back to work on my comic first page where I introduce  my all girl gang some of which rock the Perfecto -One character has the vey same Jacket as Brando-except I changed name from Johnny to Jenny lol another has very same red jacket as Chrissy Hynde on cover of first Pretenders album -Louisa the gangs boss  I imagine wears Lewis Leathers- I can't wait to create the artwork for that.- I want these ladies to be Iconic.


Anonymous said...

zippy love 4 8 12 the best but all are really great leather biker girls.

Anonymous said...

what a great smile on no 13 and the leather perfecto is perfect good quality heavy leather wish we could see more of her

ramonetrooper said...

Too True Zippy-no 13 is from the actual Schott Perfecto website -the kings of Biker Gear.

Charlie said...

Excellent stuff as usual, particularly 4, 6, 12 and 13. Love the shine and weight of 13's jacket.

Best of luck with your new comic. The concept sounds great.

ramonetrooper said...

Hi Charlie
There's a couple of original Perfecto's in this post hence the quality and weight-I've always preferred that to lighter materials it's gotta be tuff #12 Is most certainly the original Brando design with the Stars on the shoulders.. I love that shows it's military origins.
Glad you get the concept-it is grand scale-hope I've got the chops to get it done.

Anonymous said...

EARL just loves every one of these pics sheer beauty in leather, heavy leather biker jackets are a vision of leather beauty nothing better on any woman. I like wearing one too.

Earl loves a leather clad biker woman

ramonetrooper said...

hi Earl-certainly one of reasons I set blog up-not really enough biker style jackets on web back in 2008-now they're everywhere :) I always thought they suited girls more than me though .

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