Sunday, 23 March 2014

Screencaps Post-Stella Street -The Movie (2004)

Humours always the greatest tonic-especially after what could of been a very crappy weekend - testing out my new computer and seeing now I can do screencaps again(qualities not bad either)thought I'd feature one of my fave shows here starring Ronni Ancona and a all star cast(this show has to be seen to be believed lol-never thought I'd feature Mrs Hugget on this page either lol )this is from the feature length version (usually each episode is very short about 10 minutes long)here's a few more videos featuring Ronni doing what she does best-taking the Mickey. don't know why people edit stuff like this?


Anonymous said...

Nice tight leather suit she wearing not seen this series may need to if theres that much leather on view,


ramonetrooper said...

Really its just this movie she appears in she plays multiple roles like the actors (its very funny stuff just hope the humour travels ) I'll stick some episodes up of Stella Street on comic blog as well as some of Ronni's other appearences on other shows-may as well feature her here on next post too- I think she's great.and always donning the leather for some of the characters she's impersonating.

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