Thursday, 11 September 2014

Leather Beauty Drive In - 60's TV Double Bill.

Not sure this colouring is altogether successful- it's taken from one of the Honey West screen captures  I did last winter - but really not sure I can do photo perfect - but within the context of a comic strip panel it might work- and seeing as I've already posted this picture in its grainy black and white form  I wanted something from the episode this evening it seemed like a good time to practice - Honey may even pop up in third act of Avengers comic -but at this time I've already got three leatherclad superspy girls  running around -maybe that would be overkill lol - not to say Honey  won't make an appearance .. may even consider writing a prequel to Goldfinger (seeing as it's 50 years old this year) she'd be a great tie in... anyhow on with the show first off Honeys TV debut on Burkes Law.

Next up Agent 99 in the Mild Ones-featured this on LBTV last Christmas but it disappeared hopefully this will stay up a bit longer. Not really Drive In Double Bill- but the perfect tv dinner if your of a retro-esque nature.

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