Wednesday, 3 September 2014

September 2014 Header Poll -Image 4

Okay I better explain these first- three more to come... yesterday I had a eureka moment -if you ever peek at my comic blog you'll know I'm working on a Avengers story (John Steed Avengers not Captain America Avengers) I've written the first two acts of three just like the tv show of olde - but seeing as like to keep myself busy (Star Wars at the moment-my own story The Futureless: The Deadly Sins will be prime focus in the autumn monthes - but seeing as I've written this story and there are alot of Avengers fans out their all around the world- how will I go about this story takes me almost over a week to paint one page sometimes-and I want to get likenesses and the era right -then it struck me-photo montage - but rather than just cut pictures out and arrange them to fit story I'd also colour the images)so this and the next 3 pictures were originally black and white photos (possibly this image is also in colour- I'll look at website of photographer after I write this)is practice for that (and to be see if it can be done) I'm a fan of Carla so it's natural she'd one of the  models I wanted to try and paint- or rather re-colour .. sure I know I'll never be hired to do a Roxy Music sleeve or anything  but I'll get better as I .go along.
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