Thursday, 4 September 2014

September Header Poll 2014-Image 1

Re-Coloured picture of Linda 
originally very blue this one then converted to Greyscale then converted back to RGB-it gets complicated
The tricky thing is the remnants of grey -I'd like to do away with the  grey or at least where it's need make it functional to the picture-anyhow  I'm on learning curve and I'll get better  the more I practice.. (Images within a comic frame are much smaller too so it's going to be an interesting experiment)
Back to the poll -which I'll leave up for 24 hours -vote for the picture you think is the most successful  and I'll add logo and use as header for the next four weeks or so- that is if poll actually works..the runner(s) up I'll feature as header for Leather Beauty 2.... I'm shattered ..tssk me and my brilliant ideas.

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