Friday, 5 September 2014

September Header Poll Results

Here's the original re-coloured picture of Carla -I  looked at browny bit of hair to the right and thought it looked wooly so  I must of either multiplied image or pressed apply anyhow my first attempt at trying to paint over photography-(I have before with photoshop cs or whatever it's called  Didn't really give me the desired results-but I'm using a very basic photoshop here which is eons old-so no thrills or gimmicks) mind you there were similar colour photos to this that I used for reference- may of got carried away with imagination on some of the other pictures in this poll - I know I'll go back to one of the runners up pictures and rework it till I  think it's right.. I will alternate the two runners up on  the Leather Beauty 2 blog from week to week until start of October..
Bit of a breakthrough artwise  for me this pic .. glad some of you liked it... new background too I bet Zippy will like it lol..

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