Friday, 31 October 2014

Bonobos Style Challenge -Part 2

This my first choice shirt -but if  not this one.
Going for that John Goodman proto comfy grunge look lol.
I liked this jacket-it remindevd me of a young Jack Nicholson -so I  went for this one.
And finally the boots.
Second part of Style Challenge - this time casual - it's what I'd wear if I was loafing about in America  I guess - I hope I can track down the shirt  at the top of this post and that it's not just on sale in the U.S.A .
I hope you enjoyed these two posts-a break from what I usually do here - but thought  why not help out- probably more guys would visit a blog like this than say some young good looking fellows lookbook lol  so it's a good idea they asked my opinion  .
For more outfits or maybe you'd like to try the challenge yourself visit

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