Tuesday, 11 November 2014

The Avengers Screencaps-Bizarre

I'm currently watching The Avengers Series Six  Box-Set  this been the very final episode (It didn't really need to be cancelled-I mean show was originally aimed at English audience-the  only reason it ended is that the TV schedulers ran it against Rowan and Martins Laugh In which was a huge show at the time) but rather than focus on Tara with this post- thought I feature a few  stills of Rhonda Parker(Mothers not so little helper)Mother been Steed and Tara's superior(A funny codename but it  seems to  fit him for some reason-whilst Mothers superior was dubbed Grandma lol)Rhonda never said anything -not sure if she was meant to be  mute or just sworn to secrecy . I'm watching this season in a random order so there maybe more screencaps to follow  after that I may pick up The New Avengers boxset I know Purdey wore leather in at least one episode.)


Ivy said...

Leather always makes you look good no matter what.

ramonetrooper said...

Rhonda's great- she 's good in a fight too - I'll post some more screencaps later today featuring Tara King

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