Friday, 12 December 2014

Death's Bane

 Art-Brett Ewins -classic pinup from about 1985 or 6 I hazard a guess .
Special Judge Anderson post seeing as there's a new Judge Death epic only a few days away .. deserves  a plug here too seeing as I love Cassie, Art by Greg Staples
 Should be a amazing judging by the illustrations I've seen thought I'd feature a few more cosplay images of the PSI Judge -good to see she's getting popular- I'm still holding out for Dredd 2 - needs to a franchise on par with Bond if you ask me,.. Mega City One needs to be explored further.

This is most excellent - correct grimace and even has  Death in Spirit form... Anderson would be reprimanded for wearing uniform like that though... maybe Dreddy's getting soft in  his old age.

Not Judge Death ..but another superfiend Owen Krysler aka Judge Child aka The Mutant - maybe the Judge Child Saga would make a good sequel -if it was reduced down from a intergalactic quest to a trip through the Cursed Earth. Art -Steve Dillion.
Anderson's first apearence was in 1979  -in Judge Death naturally - written by John Wagner and illustrated by Brian Bolland -I've coloured a few pages myself -but like the Star Wars story I worked on over the summer Marvel are bringing out a recoloured version  which far more people will see the same applies  with JD as IDW bought out a recoloured version (mines much more vivid - theirs is   more spooky which I guess suits story better) I  might go back to it as I'd like to colour Brett's stint on the story but I have a million ideas at once - perhaps it's best  I pursue my own stories next year although I do enjoy colouring.

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