Monday, 29 December 2014

Galactic Beauty-Post 2

This time next year this young lady (Daisy Ridley )will be a huge star-seeing as she's the female lead in the new Star Wars movie-she plays Rey(no confirmation of her surname yet-perhaps she's Han and Leia's kid- perhaps that's too obvious) anyhow here's a short clip of her in Casualty a show that depresses the life out of me and for many years occupied the Saturday evening slot and makes me yearn for the days of The Two Ronnies and Les Dawson -still she's extreamly beautiful and from what I've read not a bad singer either. 6.
 You may recall I featured Lupita Nyong'o  here before during the last Oscar night- she has a part in the Force Awakens but like most things in the movie  very little is known as yet(I'm trying to avoid spoilers like crazy this time around-hope I don't give into  the dark side- it did ruin the Prequels somewhat for me running intoinformation on the web)


Christina Chong-who Doctor Who, Halo and 24 fans may be familiar with already -I first saw her in a Black Mirror episode The Waldo Moment (the one with a foul mouthed cgi Blue Bear that runs for parliament ) again no idea who she's playing-I'll hazzard a guess she's a Sith chick or an imperial officer (lots of British actors and actresses in this movie-I hope they keep up the tradition of having all Imperial officers with Brit accents lol)but I'm more than likely wrong.
17. Last but certainly not least Carrie Fisher-who can only be Leia Organa-Solo (unless they cloned her lol) there aren't many pictures of her in Leather not even sure the first one with Meryl Streep is.. but I just had to feature her seeing as she's such a legend.

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