Monday, 8 December 2014


You may recall Lictwicht's awesome Model Kartei galleries but he informs me now that has his own blog-which I'm sure will be updated from time to time so here it is I'm sure if you like this blog you'll love these gallaries


cjms10 said...

Great link - I ahve been following him on facebook but this blog is excellent.

On the blog there is a photo of a metal girl in black leather. The photo of "Sorrows-of-the-Moon" links to her tumblr page with some graet pics of her in her black leather biker jacket.

Fantastic post.



ramonetrooper said...

I wish Lichtwicht the best of luck with his new blog -I've seen his portfolio over the years and he's created some lovely images along with the models he's worked with.
Some nice pictures too on Sorrows page too - glad you liked link cjms 10

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