Sunday, 21 December 2014

"Looking at You" -Post 1

Finally the Lookbook inspired post that i've I've been harping on about the last week or so .. really had to feature Kim first as she's great (obviously)-and I'm usually not wrong  about such things lol- but the idea behind this post to discover new looks that get the Boba Fett head nod seal of approval.
or in other words what I think looks cool. You can find Kim at
and final picture here I've never seen before today  by
Featured her already today and she's currently on the header of the second blog(blink and you'll miss it as it will come down in January)Evangelie's
I really had feature her in the first post-seeing as she's so good at it-man this blog is real small fry-check out how many comments  these style blogs  get ...

Not really lookbook but Tumblr seeing as I'm testing the waters there with new blog thing-just see how it works 
Just goofing around  there at the moment but discovered some awesome
pics by this American model
I kinda likeTumblr-but doubt I'll leave here or anything.
Named  these posts after another proto-punk classic-the greatest thing I ever heard when I was 16 and thegreatest thing I've ever heard now(And I love both versions equally)

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