Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Tumbling Nice.


 Thought I'd plug two Tumblr pages-today - firstly Ingo's page been a fan of his  photos  few years now and no doubt you've seen a few of his pictures here from time to  time
I joined Tumblr last month  because of Lichtwict's  page-I wanted to show my support- not sure just yet how I'll utilise my own page - I think I'll just mix it up with what ever interests me- I'd like to make 2015 a productive year art wise so more than likely I'll use it to showcase my own stuff  rather than other  peoples  like on this page.. you may recognise  Nici  here too -
.Really bad pun of a title for  this post-but I couldn't resist .


Ingo Ernsting said...

Hi John, thanks for supporting my tumblr-blog :) I was really surprised and happy when I opened leatherbeauty this morning :)

Cheers from Germany! :)
Ingo :)

ramonetrooper said...

Your welcome Ingo-you've plugged this blog on your page it's only right I return the compliment and the models you photograph are always excellent too.

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