Thursday, 15 January 2015

Videodrome -Post 1

New feature here named after the movie starring a brunette Debbie Harry-heres a short clip
James Woods lol..
video-shoots something I wanted to feature for a while here anyhow as I think it's a nice way to create art, rather than just a advert.
Carla shot by husband-very nice. fave British model  but Kim's fave German model.

you should check out both Kim and Harry's channels .
I like this vid .. kind of reminds me of  good old 1984 -Tomytronic vibes mixed in with Tron and Prince
Saul Bass would be proud,

This of course is a punk classic updated for 2000's Reworks versions great ...featured it here before but there's no harm in repeats.
 The original. Finnish off with Rebecca rather a cool video


cjms10 said...

Thanks for the links to two great video
clips - Rebecca and Carla. Alo luv vimeo clip of Carla rocking out



ramonetrooper said...

The one with the Black Angels song:) -I'll bring back this post in a couple of weeks- can't wager the clips will stay up as I recall doing a playlist of video shoots within days most of the videos vanished - I guess whoever uploaded them on youtube didn't own them-so I'll link directly to film makers and models for these posts-

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