Thursday, 5 February 2015

Galactic Beauty 3.

Felicity Jones -who it seems will play a lead in the first standalone Star Wars movie-I've no idea who she's going to play -or if it's a Han Solo or Boba Fett movie (I''d rather they wait  till I've written my Mandalorian Spaghetti Western trilogy though- ) Whats more she plays Felicia Hardy (Black Cat) in the Amazing Spider Man 2 -I've seen the first one -and I kind of know the set up from the comics - but I'll have to give that one a ganders -not sure she's full blown Black Cat just yet seeing as I can't find any images of her with white hair -but she's an excellent choice for the role.
I thought Sabine-then I thought wrong eye colour..really hope it has nothing to do with Fett till I complete my comic which  will be sometime in the next decade  lol.
Interview with Bing Hitler. She can play 17 years old at 30 -jeez`some people are so lucky.  I may feature her again here on Oscar night, I  hope she wins.

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