Saturday, 7 March 2015

Videodrome-Post 3

Wasn't sure what to show here for this post this week -that's  why it's a little late -and really I have a  faction of visitors who'd like to see more big names here-personally  I think Supermodel types and Hobbyist models are on equal billing if you catch my drift-but it's a good way of killing two birds with one stone.
Start out with a video featuring Daria-smart girl 6.
Love this shoot-has a very Nancy Spungen vibe to it.
11. A few video featuring Anja Rubik. Won't work on me -no sense of smell lol (don't really need it anyhow) good to hear she likes the NY Dolls :)
11. To feature Doutzen in this post is a total no brainer
16. Don't care much for phones (I binned mine) or selfiesforthat matter -but she looks cool. when people sayth ese models are skinny airheads they're so wrong-they take care of business and are multilingal to boot.I hope that old stereotype goes away some day. A most excellent choice of music. .. very News at Ten (in the  1960's lol) 17.

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