Thursday, 9 April 2015

April 2015- Playlist 2

I have the difficult task of following last post and Beyonces Superbowl performance- but in my parallel dimenson The Pandoras would be playing The Superbowl - a punk rawkish playlist. Featuring..
Nat Riddle of The Cavestompers and Lazy Bitches
The Dustaphonics -a whole gig... in catsuit.
Jon and Christina from Boss Hog.
Brody Dalle of The Distillers and Spinnerette
Frances from The Vaselines..and many more Also re-installed radio player -as I may as well make use of this webspace... It says playlist not availiable but it's lying if you click on it takes you directly to the station -just click on picture of RamoneTrooper and then arrow -music should start after that.

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