Thursday, 16 April 2015

Dreamcoats -Post 31

From Etsy -a great place for vintage clobber I'll link this one
7.I think this is actually a short jacket with a long dress .. but it's a cool illusion.

Etsy again- real unfourtantly -as it's vintage - but I can't see why designers can't try to  adapt these old  designs with fake fur -she does look amazing.- but they  should do that for autumn/winter styles

Another style blogger-would like to feature her in next "Looking at You" Post-I'll have to re-trace steps
12 Instead of 10-so a little bit extra (computer crash at start of year didtake it's toll)


Anonymous said...

pic 3 very shiny PVC that looks so good the red and black how the photo shows the high shine very nice look that.


ramonetrooper said...

Glad you like that one Simion -I always thought Black and Red go well together(The colours of Anarchy)

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