Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Screencaps-Coronation Street -Sam Failsworth

I'm not really one for soap opreas been a typical bloke and all , but I did grow up with Corrie  in  the household seeing as I'm the only boy in a family of three sisters so it was in-escapable lol but I do appreciate some of the characters and the comedy that is present in most episodes , and when I first saw Sam(Tina Hobley) well I made an effort to try and watch episodes if I could.First set of screencaps come from Sams debut where she's been interviewed for job of barmaid at Rovers Return by the legend that is Jack Duckworth (the character names are great in this show)back in the era of Mavis and Derek .. so these are from 17th July 1996 episode..
Jumping forward in time to one of her final episodes (theres lots of videos on youtube-I'd have to go through two years worth of Corrie -which back then was on three or four times a week)where Sam concocts a plan to reclaim her cat "Tiger" who is living with another barmaid as local lothario Des Barnes had a big bust up with her(dumbass ) and moved in with the other pint puller .. screencaps come from episode dated 5th of June 1998.

Samantha's final appearence is not long after this -she's smart enough to resign before landlord Alec Gilroy can fire her -and rides out into the Weatherfield sunset -would be nice if she returned to the soap someday.

I havent done much screencaping lately-I was meant to screencap Sin City 2 but I lost DVD - but I have found it now so I'll start on that one rainy day soon.


Anonymous said...

dont need that many screen caps we get the idea

ramonetrooper said...

You speak for everybody? I don't think so.

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