Saturday, 16 May 2015

Census Poll 2015-Results

You came very close to losing this blog  today-it's lucky for you that  two people said they visited "Rumble " as I was going to shut up shop otherwise- once again I feel like I'm throwing pearls into a pigsty -You really should care more otherwise I'll pull the plug - those two people made all the difference... there's more to this blog than meets the eye-I just hope you can realise that.

I mean I don't have to make an effort - but I do  .. and I think this blog makes  a little difference to the world we live in - but I just wish my comic and art makes a bigger difference that's all .I start with nothing and create a whole universe - and because the way I do it is totally unique -you should care even more (no-one does it my way  it's me against the world you should really  care even if its one visit It's my life. .
Not really fussed about Radio most people have their own tastes in music and with Spotify out there makes broadcasting a thing of past but it's there to perhaps open peoples ears to stuff they may of never heard before  be it all the new talent out there or the obscure old hat I love so much (but it's very cool old hat )with some nifty movie dialouge in-between songs -like this blog it's a real labour of love -not that people care about such things  too busy with their own labours of love -(hope I don't wind up like Father McKenzie from Eleanor Rigby after this post lol) I guess .-but similiar to how approach the video playlists  it's all about spreading the good word.-music  style, fashion  art ,beautiful women , photography  it's all connected if you don't see the connection guess you've been brainwashed-or living in the wrong century I do things differently here - tough shit if you don't like it!
Like I stated before  seems like visitors have dropped a fair bit judging by amount of votes here-it's never been about numbers or money here it's about things I find cool  -If blog helps people in some way thats neat -if it inspires somebody or gives them hope that's what it's really about-not some preconcieved male idea of how things should be- it'll  never be that way here ... I try not to think in a herd mentallity- I'd get bored if I did. .
Glad you like the black and white posts-I'm more fond the brighter coloured pictures though -as I work with colour- and I dream in colour - pity about videos in some countrys but as whole glad the majority of you see them .. anyway thanks to the few of you who did vote -maybe it's not what I wanted to hear -but it'll make me work harder to get noticed- once first episode of story is complete you'll see why I'm so up-tight about this result. it's gonna be the business ... You're very fortunate -blog was litrally on the brink of been put into draft form....ok best get  back to my hangover... won't be grumpy forever,

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