Wednesday, 13 May 2015

"Hand in Glove "-Post 32

1. Header model from November last year-
From this models portfolio
6. Mosh -a greasers Marilyn  in this set -    kind of reminds me of Kathyrm Bigelow's debut movie "The Loveless" too.

9. Same photographer as  #3

Oksana -who I'll feature in the next "Looking at You " post -was searching for stuff about The Rolling Stones for "Rumble" post  and accidently found her a happy accident.


Charlie said...

The Loveless is a great slow, moody biker movie. Might be a good subject for a Leather Beauty post?

ramonetrooper said...

I have featured film here -but it got taken down -you know how it goes .. but here's a post featuring afew stills from film and some nice phots of director
I don't have a pot belly or beard lol .. got back to normal weight since posting these - I'll post 2nd half of Sin City 2 screencaps later tonight btw -May of featured screen captures n Leather Beauty 2 a few years ago but I deleted them -I was going to quit .

ramonetrooper said...

Oh here's a wee post about Sportster Debs -the motorcycle gang girl in that movie- films dead best buy it on dvd better quality and extras Iimagine anyhow ..strange to see old blog again -that was cool like Rumble which no one seems to give a monkeys about :/
perhaps I'll re screencap it -but I'm seriously considering the fate of this blog as I type this ..

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