Sunday, 31 May 2015

June Playlist 1


 Dollsquad- A Garage  themed  playlist - I do prefer  this type of music to what's  superpopular -just individual good taste-I  hope this blog  defines that notion..

Featuring....The Fuzztones
Yes I know it's mainly Rudy and the dudes here -but Deb's is great atd it's high quality The Spoons
May of posted this before.. still what a band considering what was going on in that part of the world at the time.. I love them.
Nat from The Cavestompers-I love the fact that some people in Russia appreciate  the obscure compliation albums I listen to ... music is so unifying.

The Gore Girls-
The Pandoras -I'll link the source for this image so you can learn more about this group -as they were really special
Paula is my Madonna  only learnt about her in late 90's due to reading  "Knights of Fuzz"   she is so special ...I  hope the world will wake up to that one day . 


leather leathergloves said...

What's better than a catsuit lady? 6 x catsuit ladies! Cheers!

ramonetrooper said...

You're welcome 'Gloves-really good band-i'm not sure they're still going-these videosarefrom around 2008 /09 just remember them from myspace -I need to cook up a new gloves post so look out for that later this evening.

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