Sunday, 24 May 2015

Perfecto Day-Post 30

The beautiful Rosa -I'm glad she visited my lowly  blog-good manners go a long way so I'll plug her blog as often as possible, very rad jacket too

Yeah I know I'm always plugging this blog-but she's great, I do like her style reminds me of  early 90's
Big fan of this set as reminds me of a gi rl at college -(I was crazy about her-this was back in the days of Grunge-she had jacket likethis  but she painted the back with amazing psychedlic patterns -looked  really cool-a real work of art but I was so in awe of her couldn't build up courage to talk to her :( )rocked leather trousers too and amazing make up- I do wish I could jump in a time machine -it's crap  that I can't be 20 again...only in spirit... and I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing?

 7. Jessie-I think I've found next lookbook post so I won't link just yet .

Adriana looking fabulous as ever
My fave feature here-although not a perfect day-feel like a trainwreck today-had an excellent but expensive weekend -but I wish it didn't end -back to hometown and the grind :(reality can take a walk.


Anonymous said...

Glad you posted this really excellent selection I always love too bits your Perfecto Day it makes mine being addicted to the leather biker jacket girl look.and there is loads of gurls wearing them at present although a lot are Faux but who cares.

Earl loves this blog:

ramonetrooper said...

Won't last once summer hits -nobody dresses like this where I live - :( unless they're actual bikers and they only pass through usually -but biker style very urban look -more common in cities

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