Friday, 29 May 2015

Vegging Out-June Header Poll 2015

Adriana first-seeing as name of her blog really sums up the reasoning for this post-

2. Nicely made  jacket -looks authentic -which shows how far imitation leather has come-
Really should link,any/colour,any/size,any/
for the excellent Dum Dum Girls and Phantogram videos  -  fitted really well on video playlists a few weeks ago... off to see the real Saints(The band not the football team) tonight Alrite!!!

12.   may feature Nhi again in "Looking at You" post  somewhere down the line...very nice portrait here.
Thought I'd do something different today-and  for next monthes header poll -vegan jackets rather than authentic leather-they're much more  p.c  these day's and I'm glad of them rather than against them ..shows people are morally conscious which is a good thing. Although I'm  not excatly a  salad fan or anything .always had trouble swallowing greens. I'm not sure what the ratio of real leather and  faux leather on this blog would be but it's probably close to 50/50 these days...real leather has a smell-but I have never had that sense so I couldn't tell you if it's better or worse for that-but if it means more beautiful pictures like these I'm all  in favour .
I'll leave poll up till Monday -not  sure I'll get  as many votes as in the past -but if theres a result theres a result and I'll post runner  up as header on the second blog.

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