Saturday, 20 June 2015

"Trooperpalooza" -Day 1

First day of my Virtual Festival playlist-decided Sleater Kinney should headline as they are on top form-
Second headliners Vaselines - some great in-between song banter lol (poor Eugene-give the man a break he did  write all these great songs) It's rather epic in length this playlist but all great acts -and it's only day one-also featured-
Mika Bomb
The Priscillas
Lush.. kinda ripped the name off Lollapalooza obviously - I like the fact it rhymes
 Dee Dee with Crocodile dude (would like to feature a full Dum Dum gig again-but a different one on to the other playlists -maybe on next or final playlist) but  I do feature fellow Dum Dums..

Sisu -it was nice to discover their music this week- (bit late -but better late than never) reminds me of a mix of early Cure and Curve... various live performances though as couldn't find one long one.

Madame Cats and to kick off prooceedings off like The Quo at Live Aid lol

The Rockaway Bitches(I don't like using that word -"Peaches" would be cooler I reckon. ) but you really gotta start  off  something like this with a few RAMONES songs it  stands to reason.
So a colossal playlist -possibly last a whole day if watched back to back-don't really expect people to do that - but good to dip into now and again . ..
So a bit of a indie kid /punk rocker theme to day one (day 2 might be a bit heavieer and grungy or hip hop - have to look for more live stuff -probably compile that around the time  of Glastonbury or a bit after) .. not sure you guys are into music as much as me -but makes this blog a little more interesting and fun  I reckon.

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