Wednesday, 15 July 2015

July 2015-Playlist 3

Featured towards the end of this playlist is a Strawberry Switchblade appearence on none other than the Keith Harris and Orville show(sound goes all wonky as it's from a old video tape)-I probably saw it  first time around although thought show was babyish even at 9 years old-but I do remember Strawberry Switchblade been a regular on kids tv back then-Rose turning up in some amazing catsuits -(probably hung out in the Batcave club which was going around that period) although got a bit confused with Hayzi Fantasi and Boy George been around at the same time  it seems they  nicked the girls look ...George is a  great singer but I liked them more  as they' were  girls naturally  so like the Bangles SS were secretly cool... Rose has awesome style as you will see from these pics.. guess Jill was the Strawberry and Rose the Switchblade .

Start playlist off with a few Doors covers -including two from Siouxsie
The nice thing about doing these playlists is I discover great new bands as well as a few that escaped my radar -Grave Babes been one example of this. Dig the axe bass.
I was surprised to find The Flatmates are still going-they were regulars on John Peels show -so these videos are great as I miss his sessions alot - I'm bound to feature them again on a future playlist..
and seeing as I'm in a indie kid type of mood added a few Popguns tunes too.
Three songs featuring Nicole Atkins
Nice blurred picture of Swiss punka's  Razorblade Mother -with a excellent video( tough chicks with sledgehammers in a  junkyard, - just perfect for this playlist) also gave me the idea to feature Switchblade Sister.

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