Friday, 10 July 2015

Newsflash 3

Joanna Goslings becoming a bit  of a cult figure on this blog lol ..seeing as she's rocks  this skirt from time to  time -now some of her colleauges have followed suit  as you'll see further down post -I'm  really doing this post to buy time for the next "Ultra Vivid Scene " as I've ran out of pictures for that  theme.. but should post some tommorow . ..
Still from yesterdays "Victoria Derbyshire " who must be on holiday (prefer News Channel to usual morning tv as there are  no adverts I'm  usually working so have TV on in background I'd  rather know what's happening in the world than not.
Wimbeldons in full swing -(Come On Andy!!!) I remember I did a post about  that a few years ago -but fallen into  a pattern of  having regular posts -maybe next year I'll do  one if blogs still going.
Another from yesterday- no huge desk obscuring things  for a change .
Great Holiday destination lol-Joannas cool.. got the whole shiny skirt ball rolling  -here's a financial/business reporter who's name I can't find on  BBC website filling in for that really tall guy -no idea what she's on about (ecomonics is all gobbly gook to me -prefer words to numbers) but she looks least
Another financial/buisness  presenter  who now presents Breakfast (don't know where "Time"  went )
the BBC's breakfast tv show for anyone overseas .Naga Munchetty.
Probably do another one of these in a few monthes time (it's not really a regular thing ) but  hopefully be able to get next post together soon.

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