Wednesday, 29 July 2015

"Ultra Vivid Scene"-Post 17




 I'll link this portfolio as I just found it again-

Sorry about the slow down- couple of monthes ago hardly had any pictures on drive but to keep blog going stocked up -got so click happy - now it's difficult to get a preview image in folder before I upload these which is a drag -may look into other form of storage -perhaps that cloud thing I never bother with (still don't understand this computer) The post that follows A's post tonight will be a new header poll post look ou for that on Thursday... nice pic of Dee Dee (pic 5 ) and Tamaryn (pic 11) so a warm up to Augusts playlists with these videos.

Incredible outfit-maybe this look will only appear for the last album(I dig groups change there look with each record -like what Bowie did-as it marks a period in time-it's not the most important thing but adds a little more to a live performance) Fave Tamaryn cut from new album -good mix of 1991 shoe gazery(except you can hear the vocals) and Cure like basslines.

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