Thursday, 23 July 2015

Videodrome- Post 8

 4. Featured half of this photo  b4 here's there whole picture.
Most definitly deserves a post of her own-perhaps I'll reserve a space on LBII  in a few weeks time (I regularly feature screen legends in that post)but tonight decided to feature a Mad Max Fury Road themed  Videodrome - Featuring Charlize (who from all reports steals the movie- yet to see it -once its on dvd I will -as it's been over 30 odd years since the last one)
So  I'll begin with a few videos featuring  Charlize(here's link to some of my older posts featuring her
 then move onto two  other actressses that star in that movie.

lol .. but it's quite true -it's not a photoshoot-that guy should have better manners -incredible outfit though. Kristen wearing a cool jacket-saw her in "On the Road " the other night -prefer that and Runaways too all that Twilite mush (whatever that is ?) here's some yoof tv from ten years ago  .. designed to make me feel old ..she looks truly wonderful & a good actress really looking forward to her performance in Fury Road.
Featured Zoe a few times here and on LBII over the years  guess this wasthe first time
I was talking bout Mad Max even back then ... glad it finally came out.

Zoe also fronts LolaWolf -I'll have to look out for more stuff for a future playlist.- Here's a short behind scenes of one of her earlier films-think I may of screencapped this one-might be on the other blog... she does look cool - but characters in film weren't at all as I recall .
Featured Rosie here too a few times
back in the days of polls-done away with them apart from monthly  header poll-they doesn't really reflect the truth -beauty is in the eye of the beholder rather than in congregation of people-that's an opinion and overthe years discovered opinions don't really count for much -it's not a competion at the end of the day  if you catch my drift -guess at the time I wanted a reason for  visitors to keep returning to blog in its early days  .. might be a few more posts about Rosie  on LBII too.
Finally a Mad Max interview with Rosie properly attired  for a post on this blog with Abbey Lee guess she's due a post soon too :)

Sounds great-the theme of this movie... I doubt they look as sharp as this in the movie .. wouldn't be suitable in a post apocalyptic futureLooks most excellent!! the guy with guitar is very Brendan McCarthy :)well I guess whole movie is a marriage made in heaven of his design and  Millers Roadwarrior .. bit late with this , but I promised myself to do a post about this movie.


Philippa Dasher said...

Rosie H-W is certainly a classic English Rose. She loves wearing leather too- online there is a treasure trove of images of her in different outfits. Great pics of her here.

ramonetrooper said...

You're right there-and thanks -Maybe I should revive supermodel posts - but so much going on here now - I'll think about it as sometimes I run out of pics with different themes

Philippa Dasher said...

Two more favorite models of mine are Miranda Kerr and Gigi Hadid- and they also frequently wear leather. Miranda is just beautiful,and a charming woman. Gigi is a bit of an acquired taste for some, but I like her cherubic face and blonde/blue-eyed look.

ramonetrooper said...

I'll see if I can featue them in a few weeks time - I litrally have hundreds of pics from "A" one set I'm about to postin a second.

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