Monday, 19 October 2015

Galactic Beauty -Post 4

Anticipation  for the next Star Wars trailer which is been aired tonight inspired this latest  post .-first up a few pics of Daisy Ridley  who plays  Rey -. Still  trying to keep myself in the dark about story something I failed to do with prequels -but so far so good .

Gwendoline Christie (totally grunge Minnie Mouse in last pic-say's it for me  about  SW fans when they heard about Disney takeover  lol) she plays the Chrometrooper  with the  groovy cloak Captain Phasma   who we saw in last trailer -wondering if she keeps that bucket on (guranteed Jeremy Bulloch cult status) but somehow I doubt it- I guess 6'3  is proper Stormtrooper height -I'm same height as Luke  maybe it was more liberal times  in episode IV so he got away with it..

A still from Albatross.
May of posted this one before  but I think it's ace-.the ever lovely Felicity Jones
This time next year I'm sure everyone will be excited about Rogue One(sounds a bit like the Italian Job on The Death Star lol-The Galactic Job :D  may of been a better title) but I 'm really looking forward to it-looks like 1977 Elstree to me  from the few pics I've seen  and  has a great  cast Mads  Mikkelsen , Forrest Whitaker Donnie Yen to mention a few ..


Philippa Dasher said...

Great pics as always ramonetrooper, apart from number 10 in this post- I found that pic a bit creepy! It has a sinister quality to it rather than the sensual nature of most model/leather images.

ramonetrooper said...

Hi Phillipa -have to say i dug her coat and black eye make up -funny pose too - part she'll be playing in new films will be far from sensual I'm sure - I havent seen Game of Thrones but she seems a real character and expressive judging by these pics ..besides I like to throw in the odd funny one now and again- not that sinister to me more like a pretty Boris Karloff lol:)

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