Thursday, 22 October 2015

October Playlist 2015

At long last a new playlist-featuring Yasmine Hamdan- who I will have to feature here again in my next Videodrome post- Playlist starts out with American /Western style music until I discovered Yasmines videos  and found a theme I could piece  together  something different than usual so it took a while researching artists on Last FM and Youtube.. wanted to feature more music from the Middle East or artists who originated from that region of the globe  rather  than just American/European /South American and Asian music.

New Dead Weather music so it's a no brainer to kick off playlist with a few of their tunes.
6. The Rhythm Shakers.
7. Surfy sounds from The Bambi Molesters
8. Fuzzy Sounds from The Reprobettes... then playlist heads towards the Mediterranean...With Yas and
9.Souad Massi.
Aylin Aslim.
Azar Swan..first videos very dark-but it suits the mood of song.
Abjeez Shahamat-videos very funny -kind of like Turkish Star Wars.
Ariana Delawari... and many more-I've said so before that compiling these playlists is the best  thing about this blog -always  good to discover new sights and sounds which may of escaped me if I was living in a non computerized world... we should be grateful for living in ths era.

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