Thursday, 10 December 2015

Perfecto Day -Post 38

1. Elena -

 2.  Fridah -
4.Another  from Vane's blog-
a favourite lately is Pepa. not very blokey these blogs-they're more aimed at their contemporaries which is fair enough- but always nice outfits and photography.

Another from All Saints -see store link to righr of page(I imagine it's the first link)
Another from
her latest post is cool too -featured her in latest tumblr post  as well  -not sure how much I'll use tumblr-got so used to blogger -it's a routine - but as Christmas looms and all the other stuff going on as well may post a bit less around here too (but post Christmas I  tend to  blog here quite a bit)..still feels weeks away anyhow..

11. Another from Lana's blog-see last post...
The last biker jacket post of 2015-but bound to be plenty more in other posts  before the years up as it's my fave look..


Vane V said...

thank your for the feature! <3

ramonetrooper said...

Hi Vane you're welcome-I'll feature a couple of pics in a few days time for my best of style blogger post of 2015 look out out for that soon.

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