Thursday, 14 January 2016


Huh?.Wha? .lol this is a one off and Scilla who's a pal of this blog requested it (and I know it's not just guys or chaps like me who visit blog either) and Daves a Hero (as much as he'd deny it) to many people)so this post features Dave
Iconic Shoot for Heroes taken by Japanese photographer and designer Masayoshi Sukita more from this shoot in this video Think I liked this look Newton & Thin White Duke the best (although his mod gear was also very sharp)
Kooky Family snap-guess he "wasn't much cop at punching other peoples Dads" hence eyepatch
 Always thought this song was about Iggy but could be a tribute to Gene Vincent the ultimate Leather Rocker(Ziggy Stardust was  based upon Vince Taylor who dressed much like Gene who wound up with a messiah complex)

Wish I had rock star genes-oh well..
 Bowie& Burroughs-rocking a Clockwork Orange T-Shirt.
Might seem strange that I'm featuring a geezer for a changehere but you can see how fashion designers and supermodels have been influenced by the Zig as well as been an major inspiration for punk (Is this really the same Bowie who recorded the  Laughing Gnome?)
Only one song can round off this post.

there's talk of this becoming the English national anthem -but I always associoate this song with Berlin.
I'll be posting massive playlists featuring DB on my other blog but also some more Bowie related posts here too- the dude changed the world without picking a fight -not many people get to do that.

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