Wednesday, 10 February 2016

February 2016 Playlist

I wish this could be bigger sorry( some pics are bigger than  others -and this is a labour of love not a business I must stress this after recent e-mails ) I do  remember doing a drawing
Lydia Lunch  (and Nick Cave ) when I was a kid - made a big impression on me as a lad
Lydia & Bo Ningen climax latest playlist with a version of Suicides  "Ghost Rider " a chocka playlist filled with mainly new stuff but I have slight detour back to the 90's (I do wish Kenickie would reform lol)

Playlist begins with The Psychords (love that name ..just sounds cool B-) )
Nat from Moscow's finest beat combo The Cavestompers
And a very awesome video from Tomsks finest The Jack Wood.
Anna Calvi (with David Byrne)she doesn't appear in video but good video for this blog.
a few tunes from Colleen Rennison
Had to Feature Chelsea Wolfe again.
and Saint Agnes
L.A Witch ..should be a good Trooperpalooza this Summer if blogs still running..
Polly Jean.. new tunes great too..
Bit of 90's time travelling with Kenickie and..
Echobelly -who reformed recently which is great news..back to the 20teens
The Jezebels -I'll have to feature them again on future playlists
and from Wales Gwenno-sorry about the wait-sometimes it takes time to build playlists-hope you find some music you like here.Live365 has ended so trying to figure out what to do nextmay do something with Spotify although probably on personal blog -possibly too cluttered here.

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