Saturday, 27 February 2016

"Looking at You"-Post 19

Featured a image from this shoot on latest hat post on the other  blog yesterday-as I liked the t-shirt-you can't really go wrong with a tiger
Firstly wanted to feature  a blogger based in the old country (Ireland) this week- so here's a link to Margreat's blog

9. Nice BW portrait V
Berry Berry- 
Last up from California-


Kendall -I do like her take on things 
"Evening Sun's "another cool look -not relevant here but garagey.
Next up the Oscars but in two minds whether to do a post -for obvious reason's but the way I see it they don't actually nominate the best films all year round anyhow-they tend to be re-discovered  some time later- I think next year will be a different story  fingers crossed.


Anonymous said...

Nice post but my iphone getting old to view whilst on holiday pics look so small will hve another look when back
Earl loves looking at leather beauty

ramonetrooper said...

Hi Earl -another holiday :D -I guess it's because blogs made on a pc and it seems more and more common these days people surf the net either by phone or tablet I should really do a poll about how people would view this blog -I guess it's best viewed on a computer as that's how I view it.Glad you liked post.

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